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BR Double Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle Sweet Iron 16 mm Roller



-The stainless steel rollers encourage the horse to play
-Sweet Iron coating stimulates the natural production of saliva
-Mouthpiece has a relatively stable position in the mouth


This double jointed loose ring snaffle provides a spiral-shaped, stainless steel
roller in the middle of the mouthpiece. This roller encourages your horse to
play with it and this ensures a higher tongue activity. As a result, your horse
produces more saliva, which ensures better acceptance of the bit and a relaxed

Product Features:,/B>
The Sweet Iron bits are made of blue steel and create a sweet-tasting surface
rust through contact with saliva. This sweet taste stimulates the natural
production of saliva, which causes the horse to foam more at the mouth and to
accept the bit better.

The anatomical design follows the shape of the horse's mouth, creating a gentle
and even pressure distribution. In the case of a double jointed bit, the
mouthpiece consists of three parts. The middle section of the mouthpiece lies
flat on the tongue. This causes more pressure on the tongue than a single
jointed bit. The thicker the middle section, the more pressure it will create on
the tongue.

The eggbutt snaffle has fixed cheek pieces, aids will therefore have a more
direct effect. This type of bit is often easily accepted as it offers stability.

If a Sweet Iron bit is not used for a while, an orange-brown rust layer might
appear on the mouthpiece. This can be easily removed by wiping the bit with a
damp cloth.


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