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Cavalor Bronchix Liquid

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Cavalor Bronchix Liq - For quick respiratory relief

Cavalor Bronchix Liq helps quickly clear the airways. It has a soothing effect
on irritated upper respiratory passages. Cavalor Bronchix Liq is a preparation
that is designed to support the equine respiratory tract. This syrup provides
rapid relief in the event of breathing difficulties affecting the upper
respiratory tract, specifically sore throats or mucus resulting from irritation.
Though a tickly throat is often temporary, it is nevertheless annoying and
unpleasant for the horse. Cavalor Bronchix Liq contains a mixture of plant
extracts to help facilitate breathing and support and soothe the airways.

Sprinkle 25 ml on the feed twice a day for at least 5 days. Maximum amount per
animal per day = 100 ml. Cavalor Bronchix Liq is suitable for use during
competitions. Always respect the recommended daily dose, however. Tip: If your
horse is coughing at the start of every training session or needs additional
support, Cavalor Bronchix Liq can also be administered orally immediately before

A tickle in the throat may have many causes, including inhaled particles,
allergies, weather conditions or a hyperactive horse. Irritations can disappear
temporarily, only to pop back up with renewed "force". Often, the body will
produce mucus to trap and expel foreign particles from the airways. While
coughing is a natural reflex, Cavalor Bronchix Liq can help make this more
effective and easier on the horse, as it allows the irritants causing the cough
to be removed more quickly. Horses that are bothered by persistent mucus can
also be quickly helped back on track with a few days of Cavalor Bronchix Liq and
plentiful walking. This loosens the mucus and allows them to cough it up more


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