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Cavalor MudDoc 200ml



Cavalor MudDoc 200ml.
This mud fever (scratches) ointment is a 100% natural and doping-free product.
Because MudDoc stops bacteria from attaching to the foot, it not only treats
current mud fever but helps prevent future breakouts as well.

Indication for use:
Disinfect the irritated skin and apply Cavalor MudDoc. For external use only.


Why is Cavalor MudDoc so effective against Scratches and Greasy Heel?
Cavalor MudDoc is effective against greasy heel because it contains Natural Anti
Biotic (NAB), a newly developed concept that works against the specific bacteria
that cause mud fever.

Can I use Cavalor MudDoc on wounds?
We do not recommend applying Cavalor MudDoc on damaged skin. The interaction of
Cavalor MudDoc with the damaged skin may result in swollen legs.

Should I remove scabs before applying Cavalor MudDoc?
No. Do not remove scabs deliberately, as this may cause irritation. CAUTION: It
is recommended that Cavalor MudDoc not be applied until at least 24 hours after
clipping to avoid hypersensitivity.

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