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Harry's Horse Loose ring snaffle with flexible rubber mouth



Loose ring snaffle with flexible rubber mouth.

Stainless steel 65mm rings, flexible rubber mouthpiece 21mm. With rubber bits it's important that the horse is chewing and salivating well, otherwise the bit will become uncomfortable.
However, we do not offer any guarantee on damage to synthetic (apple flavour) and rubber mouthpieces from bite marks. The bit should lie on its layers, that is the part of the jawline where there are no teeth. If the bit is at the correct height in the mouth, it will not touch the teeth. There are horses that, for example, will bite the bit off or pull the bit up with their teeth, pull the bit up with their tongue, allowing the horse to reach the bit and it is possible that the plastic material of Harry's Horse Apple and Rubber bits will be damaged. Thanks to a soft mouthpiece of rubber or apple flavour and a stainless steel core for maximum strength, the bits are stable, yet extremely soft and friendly.
Damaged Harry's Horse apple and rubber bits with bite marks will therefore not be reimbursed.


Harrys Horse
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