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Horse Fly Trap Glue



Horse Fly Trap Glue The perfect fly glue traps for catching horseflies (and other insects) naturally without the use of pesticides. Sticks excellent for a long term (up to 5 months). Horse Fly Trap Glue is weather and rain resistant.
Ideal in combination with the Horse Fly Trap Ball.

Note Economical use! Use a new Horse Fly Trap when filled with horseflies (and other insects). Safety information (see back). Hang out of reach of children and horses.
Instructions First blow up the Horse Fly Ball and hang it on the desired location (half sun, half shade and away from children and animals). After that you need to apply the glue on the ball. Bring on a circle of glue around the ball, 10 centimetres away from the handle. Hold the handle while applying the glue to the ball. The glue gets hot and will slowly dripes down. With the Brush: Horse Fly Trap Kwast, you can easily and advantageous dividing the glue.
And then .. catch those flies!


Horse Fly Trap
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