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NAF Leather Package

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The NAF Leather Package consisting of Soft Soap, Quick Clean and Sheer Luxe Leatherfood.

Soft Soap: Cleans & Protects. Easy to apply glycerine based saddle soap with citronella for use on leather tack Apply with a well rung out sponge and work into leather to lift dirt and grease,condition and soften leather.For a complete finish,allow to dry and polish with a clean ,dry,soft cloth.

Quick clean: Cleans Easy to use quick drying everyday cleaner to swiftly lift and remove grease, sweat and dirt from leather tack, leaving it clean and ready to be conditioned. Shake well before use. Spray directly on to leather and simply wipe clean. When cleaning heavily soiled tack allow to soak on the leather’s surface for a few minutes before wiping off.

Sheerluxe Leatherfood: Feed and nourish your tack with this luxurious rich lotion to revitalise and moisturise recently cleaned or new leatherwork. Shake well before use.Massage into clean leather using a soft,dry cloth or sponge.


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