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NAF Superflex Pro 3 pack

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Superflex Pro from NAF contributes to the maintenance of a flexible musculoskeletal system in older horses and ponies that are in active training. This supplement contains a unique combination of ingredients including omega fatty acids and natural antioxidants. The horse's daily labour and training results in lots of small injuries to the body. The body reacts to these injuries by producing more toxins in the affected areas, which can worsen the injuries. Antioxidants remove these excess, harmful toxins from the body. Omega fatty acids are known for their positive effect on the muscle and joint function. Together, the ingredients of Superflex Pro contribute to the maintenance of supple and flexible joints. For horses that are not middle-aged or senior, we offer NAF Superflex.


You can add NAF Superflex Pro to your horse or pony's ration daily. The dosage
in the table below is an indication only. These may vary for each horse and
deviate depending on the situation. We recommend that you use the initial dosage
for 3 - 10 days. One 10 ml scoop equals approximately 7.3 grams of Superflex
Pro. One 660 gram pot is enough for approximately 22 days when using a daily
dose of 30 grams.


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