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Pavo NervControl

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Pavo NervControl
Is your horse easily spooked and nervous? Pavo NervControl is a doping-free
product that stimulates calmness in a natural way. By supporting the signal
transmission of the nerves, tension is reduced more easily. Vitamin B12 plays a
role in the nerve conductor and is produced a gut bacteria that needs cobalt for
this purpose.

For calmness in nervous horses

Essential amino acids, such as tryptophan and threonine, are required for
production of the hormones serotonin and melanin that have a calming and
anxiety-reducing effect in the brain. Selenium has been added and the content of
magnesium has been increased. For optimum intake while maintaining palatability,
three forms of magnesium are used. Humane studies into magnesium and selenium
have shown that these substances have an anxiety reducing effect.
Pavo NervControl does not contains wheat, so it is also suitable for horses that
are sensitive to gluten.

Available in a 3 kg bucket with sealable lid.


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