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Premier Equine 9 Pocket Horse Ice Boots



9 Pocket Horse Ice Boots are the ultimate in ice treatment.

9 pockets sewn onto the inside of the boots can be filled with crushed ice, which will slowly permeate through to the horse’s leg providing ice-cold
treatment. These ice boots come up high over the knee/hock for maximum coverage
and cooling.

-24" neoprene ice boots
-Nine pockets on the inside surface hold crushed ice
-Neoprene is insulated to hold the cold longer and will not absorb moisture
-Elastic pockets eliminate the trauma of crushed ice directly against the
horse's skin and allow it to slowly permeate through, starting the treatment
-Covers the entire leg, knee, tendon and fetlock area
-Promote maximum cooling
-Secure fit
-Designed for front and hind use
-Sold in pairs
-Height of boot = 62cm, Width of boot = 40cm


Premier Equine
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