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Trust Inno Sense Weymouth 15mm Fixed Medium Port



A dressage bar is used together with an underlay, the so-called bar and snaffle.
This combination is used in the higher dressage classes. The dressage bar is a
jawpiece with leverage. The longer the scissors the sharper the leverage. A bar
and snaffle combination requires a special bar and snaffle bridle or an extra
cheekpiece. In addition, this jawpiece should always be combined with a chin
chain to prevent the bit from slipping. This bit is not suitable for the
inexperienced rider.

The Inno Sense Medium Port is made of elastic plastic, slightly harder than Inno
Sense Flexi Soft. The tongue arch provides more tongue freedom, which means that
there is no pressure on the tongue but distributed over the layers. This makes
the bit ideal for horses with a sensitive tongue or horses whose tongue sticks
out. The Inno Sense medium port is slightly flexible.

Bits from the Inno Sense collection can be used for all horses but are
particularly suitable for young horses and horses with sensitive mouths. The
plastic used is FDA approved, which means that the material is non-toxic and
contains no plasticisers. Horses ridden on an Inno Sense mouthpiece follow the
hand easily and accept the bit quickly.

TRUST equestrian's bits are primal Dutch. All bits are designed, developed and
handmade in the Netherlands. A team of technical professionals works on
production every day. The bits are composed with the greatest care and made of
the best materials. As a result, quality control and standards are very high.
The balance between shape, material and weight is constantly taken into account
with every design. TRUST's bits are slightly curved, allowing them to mould
better to the horse's mouth. Due to this anatomical shape, the bit lies better
in the mouth and pressure is better distributed. Through the wide choice of
mouthpieces, jaws and materials, TRUST strives to have a suitable bit for every


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