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Veerust Super



Veerust Super, skin spray for horses and cattle Ready-to-use skin spray to prevent itching, restlessness and annoyance caused by
stinging stable flies.

Target species
Horse and cattle.

Active substances
Pyrethrins (as pyrethrum extract) 1.71 g per aerosol (0.375% w / w)
Piperonyl butoxide (as Pharma Grade PBO) 5.46 g per aerosol (1.2% w / w)

Prevention of itching, restlessness and nuisance caused by stinging stable flies
( Stomoxys calcitrans ).
Can be used during pregnancy and / or lactation.

Do not use on sick animals.
Do not use in animals with severe skin lesions.

Shake well before use. Spray the animal over the animals at a distance of about
60 cm for 10 seconds with an even circular motion.
Especially spray at fly collecting sites (eg shoulders, neck, horns, flanks and
base of the tail). If necessary, administration can be repeated approximately 4
hours apart.

Special warnings
Avoid spraying in the eyes.
Read the label before use.

Waiting period
Meat and offal: 0 days.
Milk: 0 days.

Aerosol with spray cap à: 600 ml (= 455 g net).


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